David Versteeg Management BV – Experience

Private Banking / Private Brokerage

In charge of the Business Development, Credit and Operations department, respectively. Coordinated the post-merger integration of Effectenbank Stroeve and Theodoor Gilissen Bankiers. Achieved record growth in the private mortgage portfolio in a declining market. Streamlined back office processes, leading to a more consistent, higher quality output with a reduced headcount. Supervised major change projects due to new legislation.

Developed new products and innovative service concepts, strategic partnerships and new distribution channels. Responsible for merger & acquisition projects.

Strategy Consulting

Strategy advisor for top tier clients in the financial services, utilities, telecom and media sectors, in the field of performance management, European expansion, logistics and e-commerce.

Engineering / Manufacturing

Managed a 75 FTE manufacturing company with activities across the globe. Ran several very complex projects, in the Netherlands as well as in several Asian countries.

Managed a research project in a European consortium of companies and universities and built an extensive cash flow model of the company for negotiations with investors.

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